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If you have plans of claiming the PPI, then you have to be careful because you have to write the claim how it’s supposed to so they can give you back the protection payment insurance. If you don’t follow all the steps required and the best tips available when filling the protection payment insurance then most likely you will not get the payment immediately. Best tips will guide you through so that you do everything the way it’s supposed to so that the bank will have no reason not to give you the insurance. One of the most popular ppi claims that can be used to best explain this subject is the egg ppi. The best tips to follow when filling the payment protection insurance claim includes.

Include the date


All about the protection payment claim, it’s all about where you and when you were given the insurance. So when filling the questioner make sure that you fill in the date that the insurance was given to you. If you are not sure on the date check on the documents that you have and if you don’t have the documents then talk to the bank so that they can remind you of the exact date. Fill where it took place if you remember if it’s over the phone make sure that you mention that when filling the PPI claim.

The reason for apply

The reason means why was the reason that you wanted the loan so that you got the protection payment insurance. Make sure that you say the reason as to why you filled the loan document because it’s most likely you also wrote the reason somewhere in the document. The reason should be favoring the bank maybe you want to accumulate the loans to one so that it’s easy for you when you are paying. Don’t forget to mention that you have been paying the loan back on the agreed time. So that they don’t have any reason to take long to pay back the claim.

Review duration


Once you have filled all the information, then you can take the letter to the bank. Make sure that you ask them how long it will there review take. The bank will then take the document so they can investigate if the information that you have stated is all true. So many banks will take up to 6 to 8 weeks before you can get the payment that’s if there won’t be any complicated issues. So if the PPI claim has taken more than eight weeks, then you at entitled to go and ask what the issue could be.


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