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Meat is a common cuisine around the globe and has a notorious popularity worldwide. Meat is mainly a product of slaughtered animals. Meat has a high content of proteins, fat, and water among other compounds. Meat products are recommended for adding into the mass muscle health formation, prevention of diseases such as anemia and improves the general performance as well as it generates energy into the human body. Commonly, meat occurs as beef meat, fish meat, poultry meat, pork and game meat.  Therefore, meat products are made of all types of meat and are processed commercially for human consumption. The Miami Beef is differentiated in cuts, pieces, comminuted, fresh, lean and processed meat. Some of the different meat products include;

Fresh meat


Meat products can be provided as untreated raw mechanically deboned or comminuted meat. Examples of fresh, unprocessed meat include beef patties in hamburgers, boerewors, fresh sausages, chopped meat or gehakt, uncured sausage or loganiza, fresh meatballs as well as other minced and ground fresh meats. Fresh meat is the most common natural meat product available in the market and is commonly packaged and processed in varied cuts and sizes.

Heat treated processed meat

Heat processed meat products include cooked meat products which may range from cured and cooked, dried and cooked, sterilized, canned comminuted meat products. Some of the vivid examples of heat treated, processed meat include; cooked ham, cooked pork shoulders, canned chicken meat, meat pieces in soy sauce, pre-grilled patties, pates, foi gras, brawn and head cheese, cured chopped meat, meat pastes and other breakfast sausages.

Cured non-heat treated processed meat

Most meat curing of meat products is treated with salt that is composed of sodium chloride. Dry pickled or cured meat products involve rubbing salt directly onto the surface of the meat. Additionally, wet pickle cured products involve submerging meat into brine solution before packaging. Also, curing of meat products can be achieved through adding addictives into the meat. Some of the different cured products common in the market include; side bacon, marinated beef, corned beef, miso-pickled meat, kijo-pickled meat, spicy pork sausages, salami cured meat, pepperoni as well as smoked sausage.

Cured and dried non-heat treated processed meat


Meat can be processed through curing by salting then undergo drying. Most meat drying of meat is achieved through the use of vacuums or hot air. Some common examples of cured and dried non-heat treated processed meat include; dehydrated meat, dried salt pork, stuffed loin, pasturmas, dried sausages, beef jerky, Iberian Ham, sobrasada and cured and dried sausages.


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