Understanding the Different Types of Luxury Fabrics

Luxury fabrics come in various types. Each type is used for a different purpose. These fabrics are used in home decor, upholstery, crafts and also in dressmaking. It is possible to identify a luxury fabric just by the way it looks and feels. Luxury fabrics are different from other types of fabrics because of the time is taken in making the material and also the type of dye that is used.

If you are planning to buy a luxury fabric, then it is time to understand the details and properties of each type. When looking Fabrics for Sale, check other properties apart from the price. Here are some of the luxury fabrics that we have:


Satin is one of the most popular luxury fabrics due to its manysatin fabric uses. Some people use satin for curtains, throw pillows, tablecloths and also making dresses. It is very easy to identify satin due to its shiny properties. The material is also smooth when you run it through the fingers to feel the smoothness of the fabric. There are different grades of satin will depend on the smoothness of the fabric and the density.


Velvet is a high-quality luxury fabric, but it comes at a high cost. Just like satin, velvet has a smooth feel when you touch it. However, you will notice that velvet is a bit heavy compared to satin. There are different types of velvet like the crushed velvet which is usually combined with bling to give it a shiny look. Velvet is mostly used in upholstery for the luxury sofas although it might also be used in making curtains. On some occasions, it is also used in making luxury and expensive dresses.


damask fabricDamask is a luxury fabric that is often confused for velvet and especially for people who might not know how to differentiate fabrics. The damask fabric is a reversible fabric because you can use the reverse side which is a lighter shade. Most of the time you will realize that damask comes in more than one color although there are monochrome damask fabrics.

Faux Fur

Many people do not realize this but faux fur is still a fabric, so it is classified as a luxury fabric. We have fur made from different animals like sheep although today we have fake fur. You will identify faux fur by looking at it and also feeling it. Faux fur is used in making carpets, blankets and also making coats.