Taking Care of your Dog’s Canines

Dog dental care is an important aspect of maintaining the overall good health. The dog’s teeth should be strong and healthy because of the kind of food that dogs eat. There are various ways of keeping dog canines healthy, and they are a combination of good diet and cleaning.

If you like cuddling your dog or you live with your dog, then hygiene is very important. Nina loves dogs and she is committed in taking care of their dental health. Once you keep oral hygiene, your dog will have a fresh breath at all times. Here is how to take care of your dog’s teeth:

Come up with a routine

When it comes to maintaining your dog’s oral hygiene, it is important to come up with a routine. Identify the specific times of the week that you will be cleaning the teeth. You can do cleaning at least three times a week.

dog teeth cleaning

Cleaning will involve removing the plaque stuck on the teeth. You can do this cleaning using a specific brush for teeth. A cleaning routine will allow you to clean the teeth without much effort because you will never forget or neglect the cleaning process.

Professional cleaning

Professional dental cleaning is also important for dogs. When doing cleaning at home, you might have the opportunity to do thorough cleaning because of lack of skills and tools. Professional cleaning should be done once in a while, and this will clean all the areas that you might not reach the normal cleaning.

Start early cleaning

You don’t have to wait for your dog to be fully grown so that you can start oral hygiene. It is advisable to start dental cleaning when the dog is as young as possible. Starting early will avoid the oral conditions that come as a result of neglecting oral hygiene. Dogs that started oral care early will rarely suffer from dental diseases.

Raw food

The kind of diet that you give your dog will determine the dental hygiene. Starchy foods are notorious for causing dental diseases. The starch sticks on the gums and between the teeth causing gum diseases. The best foods for dogs are raw food and meat. Raw food has a way of naturally cleaning the dog’s teeth and removing all the starch that has been stuck there over time.

dog teeth brushing

Do oral tests

Once in a while, it is important to look for a vet to do some oral test on your dog. Oral tests will help in identifying oral problems early enough.